space travel!

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Dear Reader,

Curious beings whom I meet here on Earth often ask me, “Clay Ball, do you travel by space ship?”

To which I reply:  I am a small—actually tiny—space traveller, of simple means, so I do not have a space ship.

What I do have is a yellow space kayak.   

And here it is:

space kayak  1


Since arriving on Earth, I did have one small worry–

and that was my little baby, whose name is Seala, left back at home with my mom. 

She was too young to travel when I first took on this job, & my heart was torn with worry at this separation.

So this week, LB & I headed back home to get her, now that she is a little older & stronger. 

Luckily, photos of our trip were captured by the Hubble space telescope, so credit must be given to the NASA web site (a favorite of mine),  & in particular   for the following photos:

starting trip at dawn

LB & I started out at dawn in the space kayak.



travelling all night with LB

We travelled  gently into that good night, which is actually a wonderful way to travel…


landing at my home

Then landed safely on my beautiful home, which I do believe is the most beautiful place in the entire Universe

LB was fast asleep by then…

Some other day, I will show photos of my family, but the Hubble did not catch those.


bringing home baby

But what a happy reunion we had!  LB & little Seal have been inseparable.


On the way home…

watch out black hole

…on the way home, suddenly, our space kayak swooped a  little too close to a black hole…and we had a few uneasy moments…

but luckily,

bringing home baby (2)

LB & I were able to maneuver the space kayak away just in the nick of time…thank you LB, my dear son!



And the rest of our trip was blessedly uneventful…



Somehow, in one of those mysterious, lingering after-effects following space travel, we came in through the back & front windows of the house at the same time…


landing safely on the cutting board

And landed safely on the cutting board, of all places!

Just in time to cook stuffed jalapeno peppers!


love rocks the stars,

Clay Ball


dear blog reader…

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My Dear Blog Reader,

For a long, long time, my blog readership has consisted of the faithful duo, o and 1.  To be perfectly honest, o, maybe because of our common roundness, has been my staunchest reader, followed closely by 1 (thank you, 1!).

Imagine my surprise & delight, then, when my readership SHOT UP into the 100’s!   I rolled around here & there, mulling it over…

Was it the idyllic bathing scenes?  The gritty realism of burnt grilled cheese sandwiches?!

Then, across the time-space continuum, the answer came to me…by e-mail:

My Dearest, Dearest  Clay Ball,

Thank you for telling me about your cooking blog there on Earth. 

Finally, after much seeking, I was able to tap into dear old cyberspace again!  I can hardly believe that system is still being used, & I am so very happy you got a chance to peek into the customs of our ancient past!

I kept reading your blog  over and over  and OVER again! 

It is almost like being there with you!




So this entry is dedicated to …


                My  Mom, the most beautiful Mom in the Universe.


Here are Mom & LB, back when LB was just a tiny, little toddling  ball:


love rocks the stars,

Clay Ball

refreshing summer bath…

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After cooking, we love to take a cool bath in the evening…



Don’t you think LB is adorable at bathtime???!!!!!!!!!! 



To finish off our day, we just practice a few anti-gravity maneuvers. 

So exhilirating!


Clay Ball

friends, old & new…

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clay ball @ window cropped & color adjusted

Today,  if you asked me whether I miss my old friends,  

I would say, “Yes!  Oh Definitely!!!”  

There is no one just  like my best  friends…

4 friends

Hello, my old friends! 


But today…

I met a new friend! 

Here is how it happened.  It was a rainy day…rainy day

No electricity.  Little cooking to be done…when suddenly….I met…

tabasco on windowsill with cb


She is kind & bold.  She is an EXPERIENCED cook…and…BEST of all…

big & little tabasco & cb & lb

She has a son–a friend for LB! 

We all look a little formal here, having  just met…

clayball july 6, 2009 011

…but then the afternoon zoomed by with lots of laughter, until it was time to wave good-bye…

GOOD BYE, Tabasco!  GOOD BYE Little T!”   

See ya tomorrow!”


Clay Ball

Hello world!

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Hello World! 

My name is Clay Ball. 


hello world  7-05-09